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Warning to all exhibiting companies!!!

We inform you that  Expo Guide S de RL de CV, with its headquarters in Messico and FAIR GUIDE – Construct Data Verlag, with its headquarters in Austria, are sending commercial letters to the exhibiting companies offering advertising space on a virtual catalogue published on the web sites or, for an ANNUAL FEE of € 1.271,00.

Within their offer, Expo Guide and Fair Guide use the names of Italian exhibitions organizers, trade show brand names and the names of exhibitors who take part in these shows. The same procedure is used with many Italian and international exhibitions.

Further, a company called EVENT FAIR, with its headquarters in Bratislva, Slovacchia, is sending forms requesting our exhibitors to supply them with their company data.

We have in no way whatsoever authorized any of these companies to contact our clients, use our company name and our brands and they act without our participation, approval or knowledge.

In the eventuality you receive forms or proposals from Expo Guide o di Fair Guide, we strongly recommend you carefully read the conditions before signing. Further information is provided at and for Italy


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