The ideal location to hold events where people come together

The exhibition centre covers a total area of 155,000 Sq m, of which 70,000 are indoor, structured in an highly flexible layout and subdivided into three communicating areas: reception, multifunctional areas and the meeting places. Recent functional upgrading work on the whole area has doubled the exhibition and multifunctional areas and lead to the technological updating of all equipment as well as the provision of huge outside and underground parking areas.
Today, PadovaFiere is a huge, hospitable urban complex, managed and organized in a completely new way: a modern ‘suburb’ based on the rational division of spaces, planned with a an eye to the future.
A module which is at the service of companies and the community, to offer the ideal setting for every event and for every participant and to multiply the opportunities for meeting and doing business. The multifunctional pavilions are organized according to a modern logistics module adapted to house events and shows involving large numbers of participants. The historical pavilions, renovated and equipped with all the necessary technological services, are situated alongside the new eastern pavilions, built according to the most modern and rational qualitative standards, which house the 7 new conference halls and the press office.
The meeting places are not only for the organization of events linked to the fairs, but every year they house more than 600 conferences, totalling 40,000 participants and more than 1,000 guest speakers. The extremely modern Press Club, situated in Pavilion 7, is a place for journalists and opinion makers to meet and talk, and to use the most modern technologies. which a new multi-storey carpark will be added. This area will grow over the next few years, with the building of the Welcome structure which will house, as well as bank counters and information offices, a reception hall, private lounges, bars and facilities.