Just as at its birth in 1975 Flormart made an essential contribution to the growth and development of the nursery-gardening sector in Italy and in Europe, even now PadovaFiere seeks to make Flormart a means through which operators can overcome this particularly period of international economic crisis. It must be remembered that Flormart’s strong point has always been its role as the main meeting point and key reference for the Italian nursery-gardening sector: on no other occasion is it possible to find all the Italian and international protagonists of floriculture and plant-growing, and to evaluate in person the situation of the sector, with the best potential for making new business contacts and strengthening those already established, in order to create the basis for the upcoming relaunch of our sector.

On display:

NURSERY GARDENING: Annual plants – Aquatic plants – Aromatic, medicinal, fragrant plants – Bare root plants – Bonsai – Bulbs, tubers, rhizomes – Cactus – Cut flowers – Exotic plants – Flowering potted plants – Fruit plants – Ground cover plants – Indoor flowering plants – Indoor green plants – Lawn, greenswards – Mediterranean plants – Ornamental plants – Outdoor green plants – Perennial plants – Plant compositions in varied containers – Plants with root balls – Rosebushes – Seedlings – Seeds – Tropical plants and flowers

GARDEN PRODUCTS: Garden center furnishings – Gardening tools and accessories – Pots, pot covers, flower-pot dishes, flowerboxes

FLORIST ITEMS: Baskets, products in wicker and bamboo – Candles – Ceramics – Dried and artificial flowers – Florist items and accessories – Gift items – Glass – Paper, wrappings – Pottery EQUIPMENT AND PRODUCTS: Agricultural machinery and tools – Biogrinders – Elevated platforms – Field irrigation – Garden irrigation – Greenhouses: production – Greenhouses:devices and equipment – Hydroponics: equipment and products – Labels and labelling machines – Mulching – Packaging – Park and garden maintenance equipment – Pesticides – Plant foods – Fertilizers – Refrigerators – Substrates, soils, peats – Water and soil analysis instruments – Water treatment systems – Work clothing

ENERGY efficiency: Agrienergy is a new exhibiting sector to be developed in Flormart 2014 dedicated to the green supply chain wood – energy, renewable energy from biomass, for the horticultural industry and nursery gardening sector.