Company profile

We are perfectly aware of every facet of our work, and we know every square meter of the 155,000 which make up our exhibition site. We know how to use this space to good advantage, to offer the greatest visibility to exhibitors and stimulate the attention of visitors.

Our experience in organising shows and events, allows us to offer top quality turn-key services for exhibitions, conferences, company conventions and events, both on-site in Padua and off-site in Italy or abroad.

Spotlight on capacity 
PadovaFiere’s exhibition center covers a total of 155,000 square meters, in an area located close to Padua town center. The exhibition center has 11 halls with 60,000 square meters of indoor space and parking to accomodate more than 2,000 vehicles. There are 6 main entrances to the site, each with a permanent or temporary reception.

Our exhibition/conference package includes multi-purpose halls, with independent services, which can easily be transformed into large conference areas with theatre style seating for up to 8,000.

Business figures at work.
Every calendar year, over 3,000 people work on-site during our events and exhibitions, for a gross annual turnover of 150 million Euros.  As part of the GL events group, PadovaFiere offers its clients a business package which is integrated into an international network of exhibition and conference sites on all five continents, personnel with the expertise and skills required to successfully stage trade shows, conferences, corporate meetings and sports events.

Efficiency increases customer satisfaction.
Event organisation involves the collaboration of a variety of trade professionals, who work alongside PadovaFiere’s staff in order to attain a common goal: the satisfaction of our clients. Our job is to increase efficiency by coordinating the activities of these trade professionals, and to make sure that every aspect of the show is geared up towards meeting or surpassing customer expectation.

Expect everything.
Our staff, coordinates and manages the activities of suppliers of services and products implemented in the organisation of events both on and off site. These highly motivated individuals leave nothing to chance and are 100% dedicated to the successful outcome of our activities.

Catering for your needs.
Our attention is also focused on top quality food and beverage services. Numerous restaurants, takeaways and food outlets are located around the exhibition center, serving up delicious food and drink to help you get the most out of your day.

Successful business partnerships.
Our mission is to promote the products and services of companies from our local economic territory. This is accomplished through good communication and developing synergies with key economic players in promoting the virtuosity of a unique economic fabric. To build on successful partnerships. A goal we believe we have, in part, achieved with the recent construction of numerous hotels within the vicinity of our exhibition center.

Good ideas produce excellent results.
Gl events’ financial statements for last year were extremely positive. Many exhibition organisers experienced weak growth due to the financial crisis. Yet, last year’s exhibition results, confirm a positive trend for our portfolio of international shows, as well as a significant increase in visitors and exhibitors to niche events like EXPOBICI.

And we continue to have good ideas…


Our staff are at your service.
Feel free to contact us for information concerning our exhibitions and conference services.